¡Bienvenidos a Kinder!

2014esHIGHSpanishWelcome to a new school year! Our theme this year is “Telling the Story.” Throughout the year we will use this as a focus during chapels, prayer circles, daily devotionals and daily life in the school. You may want to reflect on this theme together as a family and ask your child what we have talked about in school. I look forward to being a part of your child’s story this year. I’m sure the year will bring many ups and downs but we will face them together with faith that God is always by our side on the journey.

I will sing of the Lord’s great love forever; with my mouth I will make your faithfulness known through all generations. Psalm 89:1

This blog/website is intended to serve as a communication tool for the upcoming school year. You will find weekly updates on the “Home” page; the school year calendar under “Calendar;” links to interesting sites for parents and students on the “Links” page; vocabulary, links to videos and more under “Vocab and More;” links to photo albums on the “Photos” page and you can refresh your Spanish letter knowledge on the “ZooPhonics” page.

If there is anything in particular you would like to see on the site please let me know!

**One detail for the coming weeks. Please talk with your child about snack and lunch times. There are a lot of children who are confused about what to eat for snack and what to order for lunch. Every morning they will be asked to tell me if they are having Hot Lunch, Sack Lunch (this is Option #2 on the menu), lunch from home or just ordering milk. You may want to go over with them what to order before dropping off at school.


This week we spent a lot of time reacquainting ourselves with old friends and making some new friends. We will spend the first few weeks of the school year using English as we get used to our routines, learn school rules and form relationships with each other. We spent time going over procedures for bathrooms, snack time, recess, lunch, special classes and dismissal – that’s a lot to learn for a kindergartener! I’m sure your children have been more exhausted than usual at night. They could probably use some extra sleep in the next weeks as they get used to their new school year schedule. We also began reviewing letter sounds and names with our ZooPhonics animal friends and used our names as a starting point for naming letters and their sounds. We are also talking about numbers and introducing some math manipulatives that will help us all year long as we study numbers together.

A reminder that GRPS bussing starts next week. The first days of bussing and the parent pick up line always bring some bumps in the road, if your child is riding the bus please be prepared for it to arrive later than scheduled while routes are worked out. If you are using parent pick up please review the sheet sent home in your child’s blue take home folder. If you ever need to change your after school pick up plans you must send a note to school or e-mail me so that I can make sure your child gets to the right place.

In the coming weeks you can help us by praying for patience for both teachers and students as we negotiate all of the newness that comes with a brand new school year.

Have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend, see you on Tuesday!

¡Hasta luego!

It has been a joy to get to know each of the kindergarteners over the course of this year. I have so enjoyed seeing them grow academically, physically, emotionally and in their relationship with Jesus. As I send them off for summer and for first grade I pray that they continue to hold their energy and enthusiasm for learning and they remember to always walk humbly with their Lord. They will always be in my prayers!


Important Dates:

August 21 – Open House, 6:30pm – 7:30pm

August 25 – First Day of School K-4, 12:10pm dismissal


Check out more pictures from the Critter Barn and our whole year on the Photos page!

Getting Ready for the Farm

I can’t believe how quickly we are nearing the end of the year! This week I have been thinking more and more about how the kindergarteners have grown over the course of the year. I am amazed by their writing and their recently completed animal research books, so impressed at the number stories and equations they come up with in, blown away by their reading skills, in awe of their bible story discussions and just proud of their many accomplishments this year. Thank you for sharing your children with me for this year (and many for the last two years) it is a joy and a blessing to be a part of their lives.

boxtopMonday is our last day for Box Tops to be turned in (to count for our school contest) Please send in everything you’ve got at home!


Important Dates:

June 3 – All day trip to the Critter Barn

June 6 – Last Day of School, 12:10 Dismissal


Did you see our farm animal books? After finishing and binding our books we shared them with our classmates and then wrote notes to each other about what we liked best. Then our third grade buddies came and we read our books with them and celebrated with popsicles.

We continued looking at the plant life cycle learning the parts of plants and what they need to thrive.

We have learned a few new math games this week to work on our subtraction skills. You can play Subtraction Bowling  and Dice Subtraction at home.

In Bible we have heard more parables told by Jesus. The kindergarteners really enjoy figuring out what Jesus wanted to teach by telling each story – we have had some great discussions about the Tax Collector and the Pharisees, the Prodigal Sun and many more parables.

We hope you read a lot this summer! Check out Mrs. Boss’s links to online stories (be sure to find the Spanish books at the International Children’s Digital Library) as well as the many Summer Reading Programs happening in our area.

Last Full Week

Did you know this was our last full week of school? We have next Monday off and then our final Friday is a half day. Wow! Time has really flown, but we are still busy at work.

This week we got a chance to show off all we have learned and done in kindergarten when the afternoon Preschool Spanish Immersion class came to visit us and learn about kindergarten. It’s amazing to think that we were in their shoes just 1 year ago!


Important Dates:

May 26 - No School, Memorial Day

May 27-29 – Buy One, Get One Book Sale

June 3 – All day trip to the Critter Barn

June 6 – Last Day of School, 12:10 Dismissal


This week we began reviewing all of our sight words.  We also are putting the finishing touches on our animal books. It’s amazing all the things we have learned! Be sure to ask your child to tell you about the animal they are studying.

In Math we are practicing counting to 100, sumas and restas, number partners and number stories.

We are continuing our study of the life cycle of plants. We began pointing out how the life cycles we have studied (butterflies, farm animals, seeds) have similarities and differences.

This week we began hearing the Parables of Jesus. We read about the Great Banquet, The Lost Sheep, The Lost Coin and The Good Samaritan. We have been talking about how Jesus used these stories to teach us how to live our lives following Him.


5-14-14 (2)The weeks seem to be flying by now that we are nearing the end of the year! We enjoyed many gifts of spring this week as we observed our butterflies emerge and then fly away, watched the rain, played in the sun and planted some seeds that we look forward to seeing grow. Witnessing all of these transformations makes me reflect on how the kindergarteners themselves have transformed over the course of the year – they have much to celebrate!

We are looking forward to our trip to Critter Barn. Please return the bottom half of the blue form that was sent home as soon as possible. We have more than enough drivers, thank you to those that volunteered to drive in our parent carpool!5-14-14


Important Dates:

May 26 - No School, Memorial Day

June 3 – All day trip to the Critter Barn

June 6 – Last Day of School, Noon Dismissal


This week we began writing our non-fiction books about farm animals. Each child took their research and began writing about what their animal eats and what the babies are like. We can’t wait to finish these books and share them with others!

In Math we continue to work with partners of ten, practice addition and subtraction problems problems and tell each other math stories.

Our  Painted Lady butterflies emerged from their chrysalises this week. On Wednesday we let most of them free outside and we so excited to watch them fly away. Now we are beginning to talk about seeds and plants. Each child planted some herbs and we look forward to seeing them grow.

This week we read more stories about miracles that Jesus performed. We learned that not only did Jesus’ miracles help people who were sick or needed something but also helped those that saw and heard about the miracle to believe in him.

Happy Mother’s Day!

What a wonderful program we enjoyed on Tuesday evening! It was so wonderful to share a time of praise and worship with or whole community together. The children were also very proud to share all of the songs they have been practicing – especially the ones they learned in Spanish!

On Thursday we had a great trip to Calvin Nature Preserve. We were able to see many signs of spring (finally!) and enjoy investigating God’s creation. Please check the photo page to see our trip.

Family Fun night is happening next Friday. We hope to see you there! They are still looking for donations of stuffed animals, candy (particularly suckers), and boxes of cereal (for the new Cereal Walk). Donations can be placed in the bin by the front office. If you would like to sign up to volunteer check out the sign up here.

Important Dates:

May 16 – Family Fun Night, 6:30-8:30pm

June 3 – All day trip to the Critter Barn


This week we enjoyed reading about butterflies and making our own butterfly books. We talked about our end-of-the-year trip to the Critter Barn and decided that each student will become an expert about one farm animal by researching it, taking notes and writing a book about that animal. We are focusing on horses (caballos), cows (vacas), sheep (ovejas), pigs (cerdos) and chickens (gallinas).

In Math we worked on making up stories with restas. We especially like trying to make our stories tricky! We are also enjoying a lot more math games now that we have learned so much about numbers.

Our  Painted Lady crisalidas have moved into a big tank where we are waiting for them to emerge. We have enjoyed checking each day to see if there are any signs that they will come out.

This week we focused on Jesus’ miracles. The children enjoyed sharing their favorite miracles as well as focusing on a few together in class. We even made a book illustrating the many miracles Jesus performed.

La primavera

While it still doesn’t feel like spring is officially here I am thankful for the slightly warmer weather this week andchrysalis the spring rain which makes me anticipate the new growth we have been beginning to see outside. Here in our classroom we are enjoying watching our caterpillars make their crisalidas (chrysalises) and we are excited for them to emerge soon.

We look forward to seeing you Tuesday night (May 6) at the Quest Center for our K-4 Spring Program. It will begin at 7:00pm. Children should plan to arrive between 6:30pm-6:50pm. They should plan to wear a dark colored T-shirt with shorts or pants. It will be a wonderful night of praise and worship!

You received some information about our end of the year trip to the Critter Barn in your child’s purple folder today. Please take a few minutes to look this over and send back the bottom portion. We would like to have every child bring a parent or other special guest to share the day with them. It is an all day field trip and we will be eating lunch while at the farm. More information about this will be sent in the coming weeks.

Monday is a Box Top collection day. Please send in any you may have at home!boxtop

Important Dates:

May 5 – Program Rehearsal at High School, 8-10am

May 6 – Spring Program at GRCHS, 7pm

May 8 – Field Trip to Calvin Nature Preserve – we could use a couple chaperones!

May 16 – Family Fun Night


This week our sight words were “mira” and “día.” We kept working on our persuasive letters as well as making signs and writing songs that can help solve problems. The children enjoyed having a special time to share all of the writing they have done with their small table group.

In Math we spent time making up and writing equations for number stories. We are talking about partes (parts) of ecuaciones (equations) with both restas (addition problems) and sumas (subtraction problems).

Our  Painted Lady caterpillars have made their crisalidas and are now hanging in their cups as we wait for them to emerge. We had to be careful around our mailboxes the last few days (where our caterpillars are currently living) so that we would not disturb our caterpillars and they did their important work. We enjoyed recording some observational drawings of their progress so far.

This week talked about Jesus’ early ministry. We shared the story of how Jesus chose his disciples, talked about how Jesus spent his days and how Jesus loved everyone – even the little children who came to see him!